Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C Quiz 2

Bienvenido a Salesforce Commerce B2C Quiz 2

Si tu intención es conseguir la certificación de Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C, estos questionarios te ayudarán a conseguir tu objetivo.

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Este Quiz está basado en:

Question 1Which windows should a developer have open when developing a storefront application?
Question 2What are three things you can customize in the Business Manager user interface?
Question 3What does MVC stand for in the MVC architecture?
Question 4What are the three key B2C Commerce software development tools?
Question 5What does the B2C Commerce LINK Technology Partner Program provide?
Question 6What is mobile-first design?
Question 7What are four system objects that are used in Commerce Cloud Storefront Reference Architecture?
Question 8What's a best practice for using objects in B2C Commerce?
Question 9The best way to deal with any schedule impact is to identify the gaps, document them, and then create a plan for their completion.
Question 10Which of these is part of checkout?
Question 11Which of these are key functional areas that you must check prior to launch?
Question 12Which of these ensures that prices appear in the storefront?
Question 13Why is customizing a storefront application a common, if not expected, practice?
Question 14How can overriding or extending a controller impact performance?
Question 15Why are third-party integrations essential?
Question 16Which of these gaps might occur when integrating a third party?
Question 17Why is it important to separate business functions from code
Question 18Which of these are content slot planning considerations?
Question 19Why is it important to mirror page and catalog navigation?
Question 20Why are quotas important?
Question 21Why is it important to understand mobile best practices?
Question 22Which of these are responsive design best practices?
Question 23These are the international strategy approaches: One site, group sites, and one site for each country.
Question 24Why is it important to have a real understanding of a language when localizing?