Salesforce Commerce B2C Quiz 1

Bienvenido a Salesforce Commerce B2C Quiz 1

Si tu intención es conseguir la certificación de Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C, estos questionarios te ayudarán a conseguir tu objetivo.

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Question 1

Iddema wants to associate a región code value with an order to indicate the general área of its destination. The región code must be accesible whenever the order history is displayed.

What is required to accomplish?

Question 2

Which two ítems are appropiate content of custom logs implemented at checkout?

Choose 2 answers:

Question 3

Iddema recently completed updates to their storefront shopping cart page. A problema has been discovered since the update. Users are no longer able to submit coupon codes on this page. Additionally, authenticated users who try add a coupon are logged out.

The following processing code is found in the Cart.js controller file:

function (formgroup) {

var CSRFProtection = require("dw/web/CSRFProtection";

if (!CSRFProtection.validateRequest()) {



return null;


var result = {cart; cart, EnableCheckout: true, dontRedirect: true};

if(formgroup.couponCode.htmlValue) {

var status = cart.addCoupon(formgroup.couponCode.htmlValue);

// Update result with status of coupon

} else {

result.CouponError = 'COUPON_CODE_MISSING';


return result;


What should the Developer verify to identify the issue?

Question 4

Given the following snippet:

Server.append(“Show”), function (req, res, next)

According to SFRA, wich options shows a correct way to complete the code above in order to provide data to the response using a controller?

Question 5

Iddema needs to have Apple Pay disabled for the country of Spain.

Wich Business Manager module should the Developer use to meet this requirement?

Question 6Given the code snippet, what should be added after this code so it can be used for page component display?
Question 7

A Iddema Ninja Developer is working in a sandbox on a site named test-site using the domain The Developer needs to compile a url to make an Open Commerce API (OCAPI) request that returns producto information.

By default, wich URL format is a proper Open Commerce PI for sanfbox?

Question 8

Iddema wants to change a content slot that is currently configured to display a content assets.

Now they want the slot to display the top five selling boxes for the week.

Wich two changes need to be made for this to occur? (Choose two)

Question 9

A developer wants to add a link to the My Account Page.

What is the correct code to accomplish this?

Question 10

 A Iddema Ninja Developer needs to store information temporarily and decides to create a custom object.

Wich code creates a custom object?

Question 11

Given the requirements:

  • To integrate with an external web using HTTP request.
  • To create a service for this purpose with the Service framework using the LocalServiceRegistry class.
  • To Test the service before the external service provider makes the API acailable.

Wich solutions allows the developer to satisfy the requierements?

Question 12

A developer is working on a new site for the U.S base don an existing Canadien site. One of the requirements is a change to the address form. The current Canadien form has an <options> list with the correct two-letter abbreviation for the provinces.

The U.S requirements are to:

  • Have an <options> listh with the correct two letter abbreviation for the states in place of the province field.
  • Set the US site locale.
  • Add the options list field to the XML file.

How should the developer setup the files before making the required edits?

Question 13

Given a file in a plug-in cartridge with the following code:

‘use strict’:

Var base = module.superModule;

Function applyCustomCache (req,res,next){

    res.CachePeriod = 6; //eslint-disable-line no-param-reassign

    res.cachePeriodUnit = ‘hours’) //eslint-disable-line no-param-reassign



Module.exports = base;

Module.exports.applyCustomCache = applyCustomCache;

What does this code extend?

Question 14

A Digital Developer is working on a multi-site realm. A new site requires a different layout for the account landing page. The business logic and data model remain the same. The existing code is in AccountControl.js and accountlanding.isml in the app_storefront cartridge. The app_storefront cartridge contains code for all other business functions. The cartridge path for the new site is currently int_cybersource:int_paypal:app_storefront.

The Developer creates a new cartridge named app_newsite that contains only the accountlanding.isml template for the new site.

Which modification should be made to the new cartridge path?

Question 15

A Digital Developer has created a new PaymentForm controller that requires communication with the server and must be made using the HTTPS protocol.

Which code sample should the Developer use to make sure that HTTPS is used?