Salesforce Commerce B2C Quiz 4

Welcome to your Salesforce Commerce B2C Quiz 4

Question 1What tag would you use to manage conditional logic?
Question 2What tag would you use to manage collect active data?
Question 3A decorator template is the same as a model decorator.
Question 4What are the two decorator templates used in SFRA?
Question 5Remote include allows you to call another controller route and include its rendered HTML on the current page.
Question 6Form metadata is an ____ file located in the cartidge/forms folder
Question 7The actionURL must be one of the following:
Question 8Labels use the _____ defined in the form metadata
Question 9What path defined in package.json do you use to find utility scripts?
Question 10The handler route uses ____ to send a JSON object containing status and a redirectURL to the client side.
Question 11success:function (data) {
TAB $form.spinner().stop();
TAB if(!data.success) {
TAB TAB formValidation($form, data);
TAB ) else{
TAB TAB href=data.redirectURL;

In the code above the formValidation scripts display what kind of errors?
Question 12What does CSRF Protection stand for?
Question 13_____ allow you to extend the data model to store custom data.
Question 14What are two ways to create a custom object definition in Business Manager?
Question 15What do you need to save any persistent system or custom object?
Question 16It’s the best practice to log informational messages and warnings that could happen during the normal execution of your code.
Question 17The Log Center allows you to filter logs by what two filters?
Question 18To make sure your transaction is the last thing that gets handled by the Handler route, use the ______ event.
Question 19What kind of hook is a newer REST API offered by Salesforce?
Question 20What is another name for a Custom Hook?
Question 21What do you use to configure functionality to be called at a specific point in your application flow or at a specific event?
Question 22What is an example of extension_point_name?