Salesforce Commerce B2C Quiz 3

Welcome to your Salesforce Commerce B2C Quiz 3

Question 1The SFRA modules directory is a cartridge
Question 2The cartridge path controls the behavior of your site.
Question 3Cartridges can only be uploaded using VSCode.
Question 4Which one of these is considered a best practice?
Question 5If there are 2 code versions in your sandbox, which one is a true statement?
Question 6What file does this code refer to: require('server');
Question 7Which of the following statements is not correct?
Question 8Which is not a method for extending a specific controller route (i.e. Home-Show)
Question 9If you extend a controller route, can you prepend as well as append to the same route?
Question 10If you remove next(); on a route, what is the effect?
Question 11Where can you find the methods of the response (res) attribute used in routes? For example, res.render()
Question 12The Home-Show route uses this middleware chain:

server.get('Show', consentTracking.consent, cache.applyDefaultCache, function
(req, res, next) {...});

and another cartridge extends this route without a middleware chain:

server.append('Show', function (req, res, next) {...});

Assuming the code is correct on both functions, does this work?
Question 13What is a model?
Question 14What are two traits of a model? Pick 2
Question 15What is a decorator?
Question 16How do you extend a model? Pick 2
Question 17Some of the core models are extendable and configurable through decorator pattern.
Question 18What does ISML stand for?
Question 19What is a characteristic of a template?
Question 20pdict stands for pipeline dictionary.